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Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers
Thermal and catalytic oxidizers are used to treat the VOC's in vapor streams from soil vapor extraction (SVE) and (MPE) systems.  SSI uses FALCO catalytic oxidizer.

The FALCO oxidizers have an efficient heat exchanger. A bypass valve allows for adjustment of heat recovery. Low heat recovery enables operation at high vapor concentration.
The FALCO oxidizers also have a massive catalyst volume for its rated capacity, providing longer life and poison resistance than monolith type catalysts. The heat exchanger, heaters and catalyst are integrated into a compact system which is easily installed and operated.

Vapor Carbon Treatment
The Tetrasolv VFV series filter is a media filter vessel designed to treat vapor streams. While the typical design application is an activated carbon absorption unit, the filter can easily accommodate many medias. The sturdy construction makes these filter vessels ideal for long term treatment units.

TURBOFILL™, fluidized bed packings have shown exceptional ability to simultaneously absorb gases and remove fine dust particles across a wide range of industrial applications.

One TURBOSCRUBBER™ unit replaces Venturi & packed Tower or Tower & Bag Filter combinations. TURBOPAK® & TURBOID®'s non-clogging nature also permits the use of limestone slurries, trade effluents and biomass as scrubbing media.

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