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A self contained, stand-alone product recovery system which  can be installed in any monitoring or recovery well. 

No Power, No Air, No Permits, No Trenching
SSI’s SkimPac solar skimmer is an ideal application for remote locations and for those that need immediate response.

  • No electricity
  • No air supply
  • No groundwater recovery
  • Easy deployment
  • The unit is compact (2 x 2 foot print) and light
  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • Up and running in under one hour
  • Product recovery is immediate! 
  • Product recovery down to a sheen

SkimPac Facts

  • High performance product recovery system (up to 160 GPD)
  • The most effective way of removing LNAP and DNAPL
  • The use of inert gas (N2) eliminates any down time that is typically associated with air moisture problems.

SkimPac Applications

  • Fresh gasoline
  • Weathered diesel or fouled fuel conditions
  • DNAPL recovery
  • Product recovery in up to 36” of groundwater fluctuation

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